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Kurmond Country

438 Bells Line of Road Kurmond, 2757

Kurmond Country is an wholly owned and operated Australian Family business that has been operating since 2013. We are based in Kurmond which is situated on the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

Our little shop has been trading in the area since the beginning of the 1900's! It started as the butcher shop and has had many transformations over the years. With a little love and care we have breathed new life into the old shop and have been overwhelmed by the support we have been given by the local community.

We are blessed to be surrounded by many talented and creative businesses in our area. Our local selection ranges from Beanies to Apple Cider to Chilli Relish ! We are so proud of our community and love showcasing their many talents.

We specialise in all products that come from and represent the country. A huge variety from beautiful Ugg Boots made from the highest quality Australian Sheepskin and wool, local Bilpin Apple Cider, Kurrajong Chilli Relish, Mudgee Honey, Lavendar Furniture Polish, Handmade Wooden Rocking Horses, the highest Quality Cow Hide bags, Cow Hides, Kangaroo Pelts, Reindeer Skins, divine Tasmanian Chocolate, Handpainted Horse paintings,and much much more!

We manufature our own specialist range of Ruff 'n Tuff Products -  stable, kennel, horse and dog washes and the highest quality leather dog and cat collars and leather chewing bones.

We would love to see you in the shop, come for a drive and enjoy not only what we have to offer but also what is on offer in the Hawkesbury District. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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