Welcome to Hawkesbury, New South Wales

Thriving along the banks of the Hawkesbury River, this rural region is haven for nature, food and art lovers. 70 percent of the Hawkesbury is occupied by National parks where you can enjoy various activities like horse riding, swimming, bushwalking, canoeing, skiing and fishing.

Art enthusiasts enjoy visiting galleries and antique shops that display the superb craftsmanship of Hawkesbury locals. You can also sign up for a unique walking trail that traces the footsteps of the masters who captured some breathtaking views of the Hawkesbury on canvas.

Boutique shops and antique stores line the streets of Hawkesbury towns, many of the exteriors still in tack from when the town was built in early settlement times. We hold many local produce and crafts market throughout the year. Hunt for bargains and unique curiosities that you can find only here in Hawkesbury. Children will also enjoy fetes, fairs and school holiday programs hosted by local schools and councils.

Hawkesbury is a place where you can take a breather from busy city life without having to travel to far. In fact, it is only a 1-hour drive from Sydney. So why not drop by and sample the rich history and culture that blossoms in the Hawkesbury.